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Wednesday, February 25, 2015Sisterly Social

I've made the mistake in the past of thinking an outfit looked nice when I left the house, and as soon as I stepped onto the train I realised, 'Oh no... this was a mistake.' Sure, a cute summer outfit looked nicely put together, but the looming grey clouds outside said otherwise. 

Keeping with the University theme for the week, we decided to post some outfit tips for dressing for Uni. Reading this may land you an A+ in the Sisterly Social university program!

 1. Be ready for 'Nek Minnit' weather
In Australia, the weather is just about as unpredictable as a new episode of Game of Thrones. One moment, you'll be leaving the house to the most sunny day, but soon as you get out of class at 3PM, the skies will have already started pouring down with rain. You might as well have gone to uni barefoot if you decided to wear those now soaked sandals that day. You can still have the best of both worlds; pairing a summer dress is perfect with a pair of tan ankle boots. You can laugh in the face of the bucketing rain the next time it tries to ruin your outfit getting out of that Psychology lecture. 

2. Get ready to run
I mean it! You'll learn shortly that the gods of timetabling will give you classes that are on one end of uni and straight after at least a mountain trail, river bed and deep valley away. Wear comfortable shoes for those long hauls from end to end of campus.

3. Smart girls are smart dressers
You're in the lecture waiting for Dr. Professor Associate Dean to begin the first lecture of the year and the last couple of latecomers are ambling into the lecture theatre. A pack of girls enter and are starting to take their seats in the row in front of you and – OH GOD ARE THOSE SHORTS?! WHERE ARE HER PANTS?! And then you're traumatised for life. Keep things minimal, simple and classy.

4. Above all, be comfortable!
I always remember that uni days are often as long and often even more laborious than a day at a full time job. You're sitting in class for hours on end and then walking the equivalent from the North to South Pole from class to class. My day was always better if I had a comfortable outfit on; flowing shirts, soft shoes and comfortable pants and after all, you're sitting in the same outfit from 7am to 7pm when you come home! My advice, never sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to uni. It'll throw you out of focus on your studies when you're thinking of how painful your blistering feet are from the ill-chosen shoes you thought were a good idea this morning. 

So get comfortable, stay classy and stay in school, sisters!

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