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Tuesday, February 24, 2015Sisterly Social

Here are some of our favourite apps we found useful in university!

1. Timetable for Android

There are many great timetabling apps out there but this one is by far the easiest to use. This really helped me organise myself last year rushing from one class to the next. You can choose to view your timetable(s) in Dayview or Weekview (OR BOTH!) and the best thing is you can add Timetable widgets to your pages on your Android mobile.

2. Microsoft OneNote (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad)

Microsoft OneNote is great for quick note-taking in lectures and tutorials. It is compatible on all platforms which let's you make notes on your laptop in class and review them on the way home on your phone. It uses your hotmail, MSN or live e-mail address to store all your OneNote Notebooks to OneDrive so you can access you 'Notebooks' wherever you go.

3. SelfControl

Let's be honest here. We automatically procrastinate whenever we have an essay or exam coming up. I'll admit that I can sit and watch YouTube videos all day or scroll through Pinterest for hours before writing an essay plan. That's where SelfControl comes in. It is a simple Mac app that blocks websites you know that will distract you from doing your work and blocks these sites until the timer goes off. SelfControl will work even if you delete the app or reset your laptop.

4. Google Keep

Google Keep makes short note-taking fun! You can make to do lists, add quick notes, record audio notes and save images in seconds. It syncs with your online gmail e-mail account and is particularly useful in the first few weeks of uni when you need to have your library cards and student codes handy.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is great for online cloud storage. Whenever I forget to bring a USB to uni, Dropbox has my back. You can organise your files or photos into folders and sub-folders and securely share your files to your heart's desire.


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