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Thumbs down: Savvy Long Lasting Brow & Eyeliner Pen

Sunday, October 26, 2014Sisterly Social

Give this one a skip, guys. It's not worth ruining your skin for.

I usually have a lot of love for Savvy makeup brand due to its affordability and quality for value. In the past I’ve successfully gone through pencil eyeliners, concealers and illuminators with no problem and had a lot of faith in buying the Long Lasting Brow & Eyeliner Pen.

I blame myself for the first mistake in buying black thinking I could use it on my eyebrows. I can only say one word described me the moment I really looked in the mirror = #ratchet.

Nonetheless, if it didn’t work for my brows it could be used for something else. Now when it comes to winged eyeliner, I usually like to use liquid which of course is the most difficult to use in comparison to automatic pen eyeliners or gel eyeliners with an angled brush.

The pro is that the Savvy pen had an amazingly slim nib and a long tip to have a lot more control over the wing. Sure enough it made doing winged eyeliner so much easier and so much neater than using liquid eyeliner. What’s more is that the product itself is heavily pigmented.

But the problem is this: it’s called ‘Long Lasting’ because it literally does not want to come off your skin. It’s so bad for your skin that it actually sinks through your eyeshadow and primer and onto your eyelid that you really need to rub it off your skin which can become painful and irritating.

Another thing is that when removing it, the ink melts onto the makeup wipe and turns blue.  BLUE. I don't know. It might seem harmless to most people, but anything that reacts in that way is definitely not good for your skin. Especially if it’s sinking in there and refuses to come off!

Skip this one even though it’s a little cheap. Have you tried this product too and had a similar reaction?

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