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Spring Primer!: Rimmel Stay Matte Primer Review

Wednesday, October 15, 2014Sisterly Social

Now that winter is well and truly over, I've decided to drop the heavy based primers and opt for something lighter. Read more to see why Rimmel's Stay Matte Primer is no exception.

Midway through Spring, my skin definitely starts to retain a lot more moisture than ever before. So a good primer is essential to avoid my face looking like I wiped a pizza on it.

Having naturally oily skin I try to avoid as many liquid based primers as possible. The one primer that usually works best for me is the balm-based Australis Mattifying Face Base which locks in moisture for at least 12 hours. After mine ran out and I was crushed to find that it had sold out at every Priceline I went to, I thought it might be a sign to try something new for the season. 

I’d always had good experiences with Rimmel’s Stay Matte Range and thought that a primer that claimed to have Matte effects should be the best way to go. I was concerned at first because of the fact it was liquid based but was surprised to discover that once you smooth it out onto your skin, it absorbs so quickly but leaves the surface of your skin as matte as it claims. 

Although it absorbs really quickly, it doesn’t feel heavy at all on  your skin. It’s great either alone or under foundation because it evens out the moisture in your skin. Wearing it right now, all the areas where my skin is more prone to oil (chin, cheeks and forehead) are 100% matte. Moreover, because of its fast absorption, it doesn’t move around when you brush your foundation on unlike the Australis Mattifying Face Base. The Australis Face Base sits on your skin, and hides the oil under while the Rimmel Primer prevents the oil from ever emerging at all. Absolute must especially when the weather’s beginning to rise in humidity!

I’d highly recommend this for anyone looking for a budget primer that’s gentle and really controls oily skin. It’s one that I’ll certainly be buying again.

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