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Basic Travel Makeup Essentials

Wednesday, February 04, 2015Sisterly Social

We recently just got back from holidaying overseas and thought that we'd share our makeup travel essentials! Although makeup is part of our daily lives back home here in Australia, things completely change when you travel to a different country. There are limits, people! Luggage allowances, weather conditions and the fact that your number one priority is to explore the amazing place you're travelling to are all things that all affect your choice in makeup travel essentials. So here are some tips to get you started!

Back to (Naked) Basics (Palette)
Most of the time I prefer not to wear eyeshadow at all on holiday. I always consider it as something that’s going to take too much time when I could be out exploring wherever I am. But if it’s really necessary to bring eyeshadow, a great kit to bring is the Naked Basics palette.

Travel Light 
I usually think that if you can’t fit your makeup bag in your hand carry, some things need to be left behind. Leave the contour kit, the second blush shade, the three lipsticks and all three Lorac palettes at home and travel as lightly as possible. Less likely to lose things and your luggage allocation will thank you for it!

Pack the powder, easy on the liquid
I know for a fact that the number one worst feeling in the world is having a sticky, cakey face even though you applied your makeup so lightly that morning. If I’m travelling in a humid country/destination, normally powder should suffice as a replacement. I love Maybelline’s Shine Free Oil-Control Powder because it keeps my skin looking matte, evens out my skin tone and is so light on my skin that it feels like I’m completely bare-faced. 

Happy travels!

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