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Meet my longtime favourite nail polish

Wednesday, February 11, 2015Sisterly Social

No joke, this was the first time that I'd painted my nails in a year. A YEAR. Mainly because I've been full time working at a desk, typing away at a computer which means that the lifespan of my nail polish has gone to zip after busying my hands for hours on end. It came to a point where I actually looked at my nails and saw the boring, blank hands before me and I thought, 'DANG, I'm becoming a boring office robot!' So I decided that something needs to change.

I wanted a zap of colour, quick to apply, easy to dry but still good on short nails. Since it's summer, I picked out a bright green shade from the hordes of nail polish that I already had. And praise the gods, I had Revlon's 'Posh' nail polish!

I know that you might think Green Nail Polish = Grade 2 sleepover party, but when you think about it, Revlon did name the shade 'Posh'.  'Posh' isn't Nickelodeon, kiddy bright but a nice cool green that's actually quite ladylike and looks good with or without jewellery.

I've had this nail polish for about a year now and usually by now you'd think that the formula has gone thick and goopy, but in fact it's as sleek as the day that I bought it. It's heavily pigmented so you don't even need to apply two coats, meaning that heavy feeling on your nails is pretty much non-existent.

I have so much love for this nail polish that it's lasted so long and not only that, but it still looks great. It's now a go to for me, and shows no signs of going out of style or the formula going bad.

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