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Using a Facial Cleansing Brush

Wednesday, January 28, 2015Sisterly Social

Skincare has been a long and winding road for me. While my skin still isn't at all perfect, it's definitely cleared by making some small changes in my routine. The old me would usually think, 'This cleanser doesn't work, let's go buy a new one'. After buying a new cleanser, there'll be a honeymoon period of when it reduces those oily areas and then suddenly, it'll turn its back on your and dry up your skin like the Sahara Desert. In the bin it goes, and you're back with the same cleanser that you thought didn't work for you in the first place.

What I realised though was that it wasn't quite the fault of the cleanser that was either drying out my skin or not really clearing my breakouts at all. It was, in fact the way that I was applying my cleanser. 
I picked up this little brush from Forever 21 when I was on holiday in Manila earlier this month and decided to give it a go. 

I used a cleanser that seemingly never had any effect on my skin, which was the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser combined with the brush. Since I've been using it throughout the month, I've noticed that my skin has become a lot softer and smoother, and not only that the oily breakouts have definitely reduced. It gave new life to a cleanser that I was ready to toss out and has been extremely effective so far in improving my skin!

Using the Facial Cleansing Brush:
  1. Rinse the bristles of the brush with warm water 
  2. Give skin a splash of warm water to start opening up your pores
  3. Apply cleanser on the bristles and (if possible) lather 
  4. Brush in circular motions into the skin and target oily prone areas (i.e. chin, forehead, nose etc). At this point you'll start to feel your skin becoming smoother as dead skin cells are gently being scrubbed away.
  5. Rinse off the excess cleanser with warm water. End the rinse with cool water to close your pores and moisturise. 
  6. Rinse your brush and let it air dry. Once it's dry, keep it in either an air tight container to keep it sanitary at all times. After all, you wouldn't want a dirty brush going into your skin!
Although this process is great for keeping your skin well exfoliated and smooth, twice a week uses of the brush is enough. Enjoy!

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