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Tuesday, March 03, 2015Sisterly Social

Don't throw away your old mascara! Give the mascara wands a thorough clean and disinfecting to remove all of the old goopy and crusty mascara from the wand. Once you have your clean mascara wands, you'll be left with clean wands with varying bristles and brush ends. 

Here are a few ways you can use them:
  • Lip scrub and exfoliator - Apply your lip scrub with a densely bristled wand (seen on the left) and gently exfoliate your lips using the wand. This is much gentler than using a toothbrush yet more invigorating than using your fingers.
  • Adding extra volume to your lashes - Lightly coat your lashes with a loose powder (translucent or baby powder) before applying your mascara for instant volume.
  • Applying your eyelash growth treatment - There are many eyelash growth treatments out there but one of the cheapest and simplest DIY treatments is the humble olive oil! Apply a thin coating of olive oil to your mascara wand and apply to your eyelashes before sleeping. Gently wash off the residue in the morning.
  • Brushing off mascara mistakes - If you ever get mascara on your face, nose or eyelid by mistake, wait 10 seconds until the product dries and gently use a mascara wand to brush off the dry mascara. You'll be surprised, it'll come right off!
  • Darkening your brows - Tap your mascara wand into your brow powder and comb the wand through your brows for a fuller and more natural brow look.
  • Setting your brows - Apply a spritz of hair spray into your mascara wand then comb your wand through your brows to set them in place! 
  • Remove clumpy mascara from your lashes - Sometimes your favourite mascara just gets clumpy and no matter how hard you try to remove the clumps it just gets even worse! Comb a clean mascara wand through your lashes to remove the clumps without adding any more product to your lashes. 


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