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Wednesday, February 18, 2015Sisterly Social

Despite the fact that our entire blog is dedicated to our obsession with beauty and lifestyle, we honestly couldn’t get our posts and photos out there without the help of our trusty compadres; our phones. Yes, we’re phone people. And proud of it! Without our phones, we'd never be able to find inspiration, meticulously (OK maybe an overstatement) prepare our posts and make our photos look just that little bit nicer.

So here are some of our favourite apps for blogging, inspiration and preparing our posts!

Of course it’s the second social platform where we let the world know what’s new on our blog in square format. But the best part about Instagram is of course, the social aspect of it. Being Sisterly Social after all, a majority of our inspiration is by going on Instagram and going starry eyed at the Lorac hashtag or what other beauty products people are hauling from around the world.

Pinterest is THE best for inspiration. Whether it’s makeup pictorials or photography tips for better blog posts, Pinterest is a treasure trove for gathering ideas while you’re on your lunch break. Half the time I also use Pinterest to collate images from random places to make a virtual scrapbook of my dream Santa Barbara Ranch/Mansion/Palace. 

When Instagram consisted of only Filter > Frame > Post, there wasn’t much choice in making your photos look good. You could tell who was using Amaro because your friend’s recent post had a similar sort of visual aura as the post you just did. So to have more variety and more control over photo editing, we turned to VSCO Cam; it had the most bomb-as filters, the ability to brighten, sharpen, edit the shadows and so on, so forth. To this day we still use VSCO Cam and have a bit of a feeling that Instagram imitated the editing capabilities in its more recent updates. 

When I’m on the train and think of a blog post idea, I usually like to whip out my phone and type it all out on Evernote. With Evernote’s Sync option, all the files you’ve created will transmit to any device that you’re logged into with your Evernote account. So as soon as I get home, I open Evernote on my laptop and continue writing where I left off after syncing the files from my phone to my computer. Never miss an opportunity to write about new ideas! 

And when we need some retail therapy...

Do not even get me started on ASOS. OK, maybe I will. I could be on ASOS until the end of time. It’s one of the most phone friendly online shopping apps, rarely crashing and loading all of the products so seamlessly. It’s also a lot easier to scroll through online shopping on my phone rather than sitting on my laptop, I feel. 

AliExpress is the eBay version of a Chinese marketplace. You can find so many bargains from clothes, beauty products, shoes and even pet accessories in that place! Because most of the items you purchase are shipped from China, you can expect to wait a couple of weeks for the items to ship. But nonetheless, it’s fantastic to have on your phone if you’re looking for some really affordable ideas for beauty or even your next costume party. 

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